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Wooden Salad Servers with Culebra Handles

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Gorgeous handmade wooden salad servers will make serving salad much more fun. Hand carved by Guatemalan artisans out of granadilla wood (a dark red wood), these pasta and salad servers are beautiful and durable.

This wooden spork and fork are large enough to serve the perfect amount of salad without letting everything fall out of your grasp as you go to put the salad on the plate. Additionally, the handles are long enough to keep your sleeves free of the salad or its dressing (a must!). The unusual handles, with their slight ripples, are extremely comfortable, fitting perfectly into your hands. The holes in the handles mean that these salad servers can be hung up in between uses, either for decorative or practical purposes (or both!). They certainly could be used as decoration, adding a rustic feel to your kitchen.

Wooden salad servers are elegant and timeless. This particular pair highlights the natural grains and rich dark tones of granadilla wood. Perfect for a gathering or just for a family meal, they are neither too formal nor too casual for any occasion. Keep your clothes and your table free of messes when you are serving your salads - and look good doing it!

Approx. 10 1/2" x 2 1/2"