Ti-a Woven Goods

Round Grass Purse

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Dress it up or down, this grass purse is a magnet for compliments.

While there are many tempting purses out there, few can say they’re natural, ethically-sourced, made by crafters paid above fair-trade wages, and sold by a woman of color owned business. Ours can. Plus it’s really cute.

Approximate size: 12" x 3" x 17". Handles are made with black and brick red leather. The length isn't standardized and are about 4" to 7" long.

From the maker: Empowering Women through Weaving - there's much to love about our baskets.

Handcrafted in Ghana, they're made with Kinkanhe grass and a vibrant spirit. They function beautifully as fashion, storage, or art, with a talented weaver behind every basket.

Ti-a employs weavers in 10 villages, paying above fair trade wages and working mainly with women's co-operatives. Not that long ago, we had to ask for permission from her husband and tribal chief for a weaver to earn money. Today, she can pay for her children to go to school and she has a growing voice in her home. As she deserves.