Even Keel

Pacific Grey Salt Bar

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This "All Day Everyday" bar is a unique formula created in-house for every part of your skin. Why? 

1. This extremely gentle yet detoxifying bar replaces half the usual amount of lye (used to saponify oils aka make soap) with Sea salt. In fact, it's mostly held together by the Sea Salt. If you look closely, you can see the recrystallization of the salt within the bar.

2. Coconut oil is used as a base to balance the properties of the salt AND we superfatted the soap by 15%. Superfat is a process where the soap is formularized to have freestanding oil molecules within the bar in order to make it more moisturizing. 

3. To top it off, we added shavings of all our other bars of soap so you get all the beneficial qualities of the other bars as well.

Made in Brooklyn, NY