Mahogany Stack Candle Holder

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These candle holders open up dark corners and draw brightness and style to table scapes, mantles, shelves, patios or studios. Varied in height and width and designed to mix and match for tapers and tealights. They are also beautiful as stand alone objects!

Sourced from native Guatemalan artisans local to the Petén region. 

This rich exotic wood combines beautifully with the fresh tones of artisanal meats and cheeses. A true expression of the beauty and biodiversity of the Guatemalan jungle, and a support of sustainability. Finished with a non-toxic and food safe beeswax paste.

This wood is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council to ensure that the makers are not contributing to over cutting or damaging the jungle. The sustainable use of natural resources has proven to be the solution for breaking cycles of poverty in the Petén communities and protecting the environment.

Size: Approx. 2" tall x 3" wide. Sold individually.

Care: Clean with damp cloth. Restore vibrancy with linseed, coconut or mineral wood oil. Do not leave open flames unattended.

From the maker: 

At Itza Wood, our mission is to break the cycle of poverty in the Peten region of Guatemala. By providing education and employment opportunities to local residents, we celebrate the traditions of Peten while creating a better future for its people.

“Before touching a single tree, our reforestation project had planted 45,000 trees in the heart of the Peten jungle. This is our way of deepening our commitment to nature’s most beautiful treasures.” - Eliza Babarczy, Founder

Itza Wood was founded in the Peten Jungle - the largest remaining tropical forest of Central America.

Our story is closely entwined with our social efforts and initiatives: preserving the beauty of the Peten while empowering the Guatemalan people. All Itza Wood creations are sourced exclusively from the Petén jungle, while our growing contributions to the local Jungle School help drive education for young people in the region.