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Culture - Actually Curious Card Game

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The Culture Edition is a fun, yet thoughtful conversation game you can play with literally anyone. It's perfect for game night, first dates, team ice breakers, dinner parties & family gatherings. ❣️

Tired of meaningless small talk? Our third deck of questions, the Actually Curious Culture Edition, helps you have a great conversation with literally anyone.

Containing the lightest and most approachable questions in the collection, the Culture Edition has 52 purple cards that are meant to be played as a warm-up to the Happy Hour or Curiosity Editions.

With the Actually Curious Culture Edition, your game night will illuminate commonalities and find a middle-ground regardless of age, gender, background, or political affiliation.


🎨 Beautiful cards: 52 purple cards, to break the ice at any party!

📦 Pocket-sized and portable: The size of a standard playing card deck (though anything but the status quo) so you can bring empathy everywhere.

🌿 Eco-friendly & socially conscious: Produced with ethical labor and a sustainable paper supply, we are a family-led, Black-owned business.