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Bairavi Full Moon Silver Drop Earrings

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Our Bairavi collection honors the powerful and awe-inspiring Goddess Durga, featuring handcrafted, celestial inspired shield charms in bold drop settings. These celestial moon earrings are handcrafted from metal by master artisans in Old Delhi. Artisans utilize traditional Indian jewelry craft tools and techniques in the creation of these modern designs. These moon phase earrings feature silver finish pendant charms with a blue semi-precious stone embedded in the center. The hand etched design extends like rays from the center stone to the outer edges of the charm, radiating outward like the illuminated glow of the full moon across the night sky. The earrings are finished with a refined, silver finish wire drop setting. This fierce design can be embraced as moon phase jewelry, tribal jewelry, moon goddess jewelry, shield jewelry, or boho silver jewelry. Discover how this piece radiates within you. Moon phase jewelry is a great reminder to connect with nature and her rhythms as we set intentions and navigate life's challenges and opportunities from month to month. The moon serves as both a beacon and a powerful symbol across the earth. The full moon symbolizes completion, fertility, abundance, and transformation. It is the opportunity to release negative or stagnant energy, find gratitude, and sit in the fullness of one's life. Share these pendant earrings to commemorate a success or special occasion. Gift these to a friend or loved one to promote transformation and abundance, or to empower and embolden through the divine feminine and the warrior goddess within.

  • Dimensions: 2.25"L, 1.25"W
  • Materials: Brass & semi-precious stone. Does not contain lead, nickel, or cadmium.