• I have known Maria Luisa since we moved from NYC to Nyack in 1988. Her first store in Nyack was right across the street from where we lived in the top apartment in the New Age Center. Maria has kept me in shoes and sunglasses, slacks and shirts for over three decades. The store, Maria Luisa has been my "go to" place for birthday presents, baby gifts and home furnishings. More importantly, Maria herself has been a great friend to me and my entire family. I remember when the pandemic was just starting and our son Miles was finishing grad school and his final months of school were suddenly stopped and no one knew what would happen next. Miles was beyond consoling and I ordered a scented candle from Maria for Miles' room to cheer him up. Cheer him up it did and (fyi) he did eventually graduate and has gone on to a wonderful job in the medical profession. Maria has been with us all through thick and thin as she has been for the entire Nyack community. Our family and the community at large owe a huge debt of gratitude for Maria's vision that stretches far beyond just another new outfit, into the realm of making Nyack a place everyone wants to live in. Thank you Maria, for your friendship and your commitment to our community and for your exquisite taste. We all love you, Madalasa, Juan, Sergio, Miles and Noah M.
    • I would love to share a few words of why I appreciate Maria Luisa. I moved to Nyack from Africa. I had been working there for over 20 years. I had been working with a women's organization and it was very near and dear to my heart. The first time I stepped into Maria Luisa it felt comfortable to me I found it charming and interesting, creative and fun. I was working at Nyack college at the time and very busy but whenever I could I would find a good excuse to grab a coffee in the Charming town of Nyack and make my way over to Maria Luisa. I always found a warm welcome and I was so grateful when Maria was willing to carry some of the handmade products of Dorcas house Burkina Faso. What a beautiful place for women to come together in many ways from all around the world. Thank you for welcoming everyone no matter who they are to a place of connection and beauty. I wish you all the best, Amy N.
    • Always friendly service and I never walk out empty-handed! Such unique items!
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