nancy fisher

Worms That Poop in My Mouth: Why I Need to Floss Every Day

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Join Strep, Teri, and Tino on their adventures in a little boy's mouth.

This funny book will not only delight the children with the bacteria's point of view, they will also learn how to beat them at their own game! And it works every time! If only they remember to do this.

After reading WORMS THAT POOP IN MY MOUTH, children will understand why they need to floss and take care of their teeth, and what happens if they don't.

The author has dedicated 32 years of her dental hygiene professional life in treating and teaching her patients all about dental health. Since her unexpected diagnosis of Stage 4 ovarian cancer, Nancy is delighted to have made the dream of this book a reality, as it confirms the unlimited power and potential in all of us.