Matr Boomie

Upcycled Cotton Garland

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Ethically handcrafted with 100% tree-free, upcycled cotton paper, this reusable message banner garland is an eco-friendly solution for festive, special event decorations and home decor. This unique garland features the phrase 'Namaste' accented by crescent moons.
The eye-catching message is crafted with eco-friendly cotton paper. Artisans apply traditional Indian paper making techniques to transform discarded cotton remnants into richly textured paper with a uniquely soft feel. This non-toxic process gives new life to otherwise discarded materials. Each letter in the garland is 3"L x 2"W. This message garland can be hung as decoration to enhance a special occasion, or displayed year-round as a perpetual source of inspiration and intention.
Available designs:  
Fair Trade