Sile Kaftan Dress

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A tasteful combination of comfort and elegance; jump into your Sile Kaftan Dress whenever you feel like letting loose and letting your spirit play.

Both Boheme and cozy, the dress is adaptable for a beach day in the summer or a breezy home day during the winter. You can even slip on the timeless and comfortable dress as you take a walk in the city. Hand-loomed from organic cotton, washed in the sea, dried on the sand, the caftan will let you explore the wondrous seas of Turkey.

Turn it around, and notice the elegance in detail with the droplet hole!

All loom.ist pieces are delicately crafted from unique, natural fabrics that are hand-loomed in small cooperatives in different regions of Turkey, reflecting traditions that have been passed down for generations. A socially responsible business, loom.ist is committed to bridging rich Turkish artisanal traditions and ethical, time-honored processes with modern living. They are long-term partners with local artisans, women-led businesses, and family enterprises and conduct their business following principles of fair, direct trade.

  • One size fits all Width: 0.74 mt/29 in Length: 1.30 mt/51 in
  • Made in Turkey