Alt Linen

Napkins (12) with free replacements

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SET OF 12 / 20 in. square cotton napkins.

Made with 100% cotton. You can wash and use ALT linens as long as you like. Then, send them back to ALT LInen, and they'll keep replacing them for free. ALT up-cycles the worn linens as cleaning rags for commercial use in restaurant kitchens. The set comes in a box with a self-explanatory graphic. In each box is a card with instructions for customers to register online for replacements. ALT covers product cost and consumers cover the cost of shipping - starting $6 (4-pack) to $8 (6-pack). ALT sends replacements in a resealable bag along with a return shipping label. Consumers remove their fresh linens from the bag, place their old ones in the same bag to send back. By using just 1 less roll of paper towels a week, your customers save $80 each year. If every American home did that, together we can save 24 million trees a year and wipe out a million pounds of paper waste
Made in India