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Featherwood Works Skinny Mini

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Buzz Coren's Featherwood jewelry starts from laminating a broad palette of colored hardwood veneer, most of which he pressure dyes himself into stacks of 300 layers or so. These laminations are carefully cut into small shapes. The shapes are then turned into jewelry by carefully cutting and smoothing them with very close work on both band saw and sanders. Each piece of jewelry receives several coats of a durable finish to provide worry free wear for years to come.

The nature of the process insures that no two pieces are ever identical and are truly one of a kind jewelry. Buzz personally performs all the craft work from start to finish and unconditionally guarantees all his work.

Featherwood Skinny Minis are 1.5" long measured from the center of the ear wire curve. The wood is 1" long and about .25" wide. Ear wires are surgical steel. They really are feather light! You receive the earrings in the detail photos. Earrings on the model are the same design meant to demonstrate where they fall when worn.

Each pair is One of a Kind. The photos display an example of the current assortment. 

Hand crafted in North Carolina