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Fast and Slow

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Little ones love things that go. Introduce first vocabulary about modes of transportation with this essential board book. The appealing, textured illustrations compare slow-moving vehicles like hot-air balloons and bikes with speedy machines like cars and rockets. Related to: Early Learning, Literacy, Speed, Movement, Motorcycle, Bicycle, Helmet, Drive, Ride, Tractor, Truck, Fire engine, Automobile, Wheel, Machine, Airplane, Ship, Boat, Land, Air, Water, Toddler, Kindergarten, Preschool, Classroom, Homeschool


• Made in Hong Kong • Dimensions: 6.6″ x 6.5″ (16.8 x 16.5 cm) 

Eco-friendly information

• Packaging: Biodegradable and Recyclable • Product Materials: Biodegradable and Reusable • Production: Sustainably sourced.