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Bath Mat-20” x 30”

Evenfold Bath Mats are made of 100% Cotton with the same unique weave as Evenfold towels. This makes the mat soft, absorbent, and long-lasting. Bath Mats will feature an inner border of ground fabric. The hem will be slightly stiffer than the towel hem. These are hotel-style mats; They do not feature non-stick bottoms. Bath Mats are 20” x 30” – Designed for the bathroom, but could be usable in a kitchen as well.

Machine Washable: Wash warm, tumble dry low – medium. Use mild detergents and fabric softener as directed. When needed, non-chlorine bleach may be used on white towels. Avoid high-heat settings. Recommended to wash separate from towels as they may take longer to dry.



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Made in India

Made in India