Folk & Lore

Groove Stacked Beeswax Candle

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Hand poured beeswax with 100% cotton wick.

3" High x 2 1/4" wide (approx.)

folk & lore is made up of a queer couple of makers. What started out as a therapeutic hobby and passion project became a brand, and then a business.

As modern day chandlers they take pure beeswax (basically liquid gold) and create candles by hand. Their ethos is rooted in inclusivity, simplicity, sustainability and creativity.

The ancient art of beeswax candle making dates back to Egyptian times. Not reinventing the wheel just admiring it and being a part of the amazing renewable resource that is beeswax. folk & lore are practicing the heritage craft by one hand dipped and hand poured candle at a time. They offer candles of various shapes and sizes from tapers to pillar styles. Pure beeswax, no additives ever.